"and James" Guitar Ringtones


by Otis8


Publisher's Description

Get some amazing original guitar riffs sound clips that you can set as ringtones, and support a good cause doing it. Clips feature songs from Mary McAdams, Bonne Finken, and The Sonic Factory Day Shift, and each one can be set as a phone ringtone. 100 percent of all income from sales of this application goes to support James Biehn and his family while he does epic battle with lymphoma. Email the developer if you have any questions or problems. Don't think this is legit? Check the official benefit website or James Biehn's own Twitter feed.

The developer, Cory Schmitz, is good friends with James Biehn and doesn't screw those in need. James has earned fans around the state and across the country not only for his amazing talent as a musician and teacher, but for his easy going demeanor, friendly smile and willingness to help anyone in need.

Recently, James, a husband, father, self-employed musician and small-business owner, was diagnosed with lymphoma. The Des Moines community is pulling together to provide support for James and his family as they are facing financial hardship while he fights this illness. Your contribution will provide the support James needs for his recovery and allow him to continue doing what he does so well - teaching our children, sharing his music and spreading his unique brand of warmth and energy.

While James Biehn is one of the best-known musicians in Central Iowa, to say he is a fixture on the local music scene would be selling him short. In addition to performing in bands and as a solo artist around Central Iowa, James has taught hundreds of students of all ages to appreciate music and encouraged them to create their own. As founder of the Central Iowa Music Lab, James has provided a professional training ground for future musicians and created opportunities for other musicians to share their passion with students.

Thank you so much for your generous gift.

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