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1. What is Daydream?

Imagine lying on a beach, in front of a bonfire, waves crashing on the shore, with sea gulls flying around. Perhaps you're listening to some music that's just perfect for the mood, like Bob Marley or Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Or imagine a stormy night, sitting by a cozy fireplace, listening to some Miles Davis or Norah Jones, or whatever fits the mood.

Daydreams lets you bring these imaginations to life. Become the architect of your own world, and invite others to also enjoy them.

2. How does it work?

Think of it as building your own movie set. You're the director. Every movie is made up of visual, sound, and music soundtrack.

Same with Daydream.
Add visual. Add sound. Add music.
Publish when ready.

3. Anatomy of a Daydream

   Visual - You can either use an image or a video loop for your visual.
   Ambience - You can search and add multiple sound samples. They will loop simultaneously.
   Music - Search any song from Youtube and add it to your Daydream.


4. Building a Set

What is a set?
Want to stay in your rainy day and listen to more songs, like listening to a playlist?
Well that's what a Set does. Each daydream in a set will automatically play one after another, like the example below.



How to build a set?
To do this, simply click "Add another song" button at the top. That will clone your current Daydream.
Change the music or even sound and publish. Just make sure you don't change the visual if you want to build a set.
Congrats! Now you have a new Daydream in your set.



Demo video:

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