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Snare + *Tenors + *Drum Pad + Metronome + **Memory Game in your pocket. wherever you go. optimized for serious hacking. Selected as "New & Noteworthy" by Apple in the Music apps category. 8000 Likes and counting on Facebook. **** Important Note **** iPod Touch users, to download Pro or Memory you MUST be connected to WIFI on your device or you'll get error popups. If you are experiencing a delay between hitting the drum and having the sound please either close some of the apps running in the background or simply reboot your device. The PRO will be free to download after upgrading if you already bought it with version 1.0. ************************** We're bringing the world's best drumming hardware to your fingertips. Literally. We've paired up with Dynasty USA Drums, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, and HQ Percussion's RealFeel line of practice pads to deliver an optimized marching experience directly to your iPhone and iPod Touch. Featuring snares, tenors, practice pads, metronome, and a new Memory game, with Drumline, you'll never leave home without your other half. Basic Features (for amateurs) --when you buy now: • Dynasty marching snare drum • Professional recording by DCI DVD sound engineer Jamie Vanadia at NoiseFloor Ltd. in Chicago • 30-300 BPM Metronome in wood block, metal (ear bleeding), and "duts" brought to you by Pro•Mark • Black or white rims • Evans Hybrid Grey and White Snare Batter drumheads • White, black, gym, and field for backgrounds • Basic (3 regions) and Standard (4 regions) drum head configurations • Visual feedback on regions (toggle off/on) --New • Different stroke types to regions (Rim, Rimshot, Accent, Tap, Doubles --New) • Video playlist of great corps, lines, and warmups from YouTube • Using your earbuds may improve relationships with non-drummers... *Pro Features (for those with chops) --For an additional cost after buying the app, you can download this world of awesome: • HQ Percussion's 2-sided RealFeel practice pad in speed and workout config (Flip it over by swiping your finger across the whole device screen left-to-right or right-to-left) • Set your own background photos • Added Expert (6 regions) to drum head configuration • Additional stroke types (Gracenote, Brush, Triples --New) • Another instrument!! Dynasty Tenor Drums in Corps Configuration with 6 inch and 8 inch shot drums • Evans Corps Clear and MX Frost drumheads • White, black, gym, and field as background for Tenors • Basic (3 regions) & Standard (4 regions) drum head configuration for Tenors (New) • Stroke types for Tenors (Rim, Rimshot, Accent, Tap, Doubles, Triples) • Multi-touch enabled for cross-overs and tight flams • Toggle between Pro•Mark nylon and yarn mallets while playing • Turn rims/rimshots off/on for Tenors... for the newbies... ;) **Memory Game (New) --For an additional cost after buying the app. This game does not come bundled with the Pro version: • Test your drumming memory through sound and visuals • 3 speeds and 3 modes of difficulty • Test yourself on Snare or Tenors • Post your high scores to Facebook! (optional) • Drumline captains, this will put your titles to the test! Learn more at: http://drumlineapp.com Join other drummers on Facebook (8000 likes and counting!!!): http://facebook.com/drumlineapp Or twitter: http://twitter.com/drumlineapp Technical notes: • Your device must be connected to the WIFI/Cell to get the Pro version (Tenors) or Memory game. • The newer your device, the more responsive the sounds will be. • Turn your silent mode off to hear the sounds. • Don't expect to be able to play everything you play in real life right away (it takes some practice to build your finger chops). • Finally, don't use real drumsticks on your device... you'll crack your screen and your friends will point and laugh at you! Let's try not to make this the bad, 1985. :)

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