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With the dubstep genre gaining popularity (perhaps to the chagrin of its original proponents), so too are apps that help you make your own dubstep. It’s just that easy. If you don’t believe me, try The Wub Machine, which turns any track under the sun into a wobble-ready dubstep remix. Along the same lines, Dubstep Wobble Bass gives you access to one of the genre’s signature sonorities, the wobble bass. Really, what more do you need? Don’t answer that.

evolver.fm review by Connor McKnight

Publisher's Description

Play a dubstep Wobble Bass. This is a real dubstep wobble bass.

Get that Dubstep Wub. Play your very own Dubstep Wobble Bass. Alter the tone and glide of your Dubstep Wobble Bass. Pull the slider to the left or the right to increase or decrease that dubstep Wub. Adjust tempo, as well as select from 3 different banks of notes to play. Be just like Skrillex! Play a real dubstep Wobble bass!

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