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EQuala is a social radio that lets you play your friends music with the touch of a button. EQuala creates a personalized social radio station where all the music you play comes from people - Your friends & music lovers from all over.

Simply choose the friends or music influencers that you want to get music from, add them to your personal EQualizer, and press the play button. You got it right, EQuala comes from the word EQualizer. EQuala is the first place where you can 'equalize your friends'.

Share your favorite music and listen to your friends music instantly in a simple, easy and fun way. Become a taste maker and influence others or just sit back and enjoy.

EQuala gives you THE platform to 'commusicate' - a community for music lovers from all around who want to discover great music from great people

Guess what...You can listen to your friends music even if they don't have an EQuala account! Oh yea, EQuala is a free app!


* Personalized EQualizer - Revolutionized concept of playing people. Add your friends and music influencers to your EQualizer 

* Discover your music DNA in a beautiful visual representation

* Find out the % match you have with your friends and other people

* Instant sharing to Facebook and Twitter

* Interact with friends through loves, shouts/re-shouts, and comments

* And much much more...


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