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Did you know that most people, when trained, can learn to sing really well? To be one of them, you need two things: 1. vocal training, 2. a good sense of pitch. That's where this app comes into play: not only does it give you world-class voice lessons to develop your voice, but it also gives you instant visual feedback on your pitch during the lessons, so you also develop an accurate sense of pitch.


Erol Singer’s Studio is a complete voice and ear training program that comes with dozens of voice lessons that were designed by an award winning singer and vocal coach to help you learn about your voice and become a better singer. During practice, target notes and your actual pitch are simultaneously displayed onscreen, so you can actually see and correct any pitch problems before they become habits.


The app comes with 36 unique voice lessons ranging from beginner to advanced, each individually crafted to build a specific skill, each with detailed instructions and audio examples for both males and females so you know exactly what to do. Although we do offer additional exercises for those who crave a variety of exercises to avoid boredom, all the essentials you will need are already included, and you don't need to make any additional purchases.


With regular use of the app, your breathing, tone, range, and vocal flexibility will improve, and you will sound better singing your favorite songs. See how fun it can be to develop your voice and be able to sing songs you never could before!


Erol Singer's Studio is not only the most beginner-friendly voice training app on the market, but with its support for standard music notation, accurate pitch analysis, and exercises for all levels of singers, it is also the most powerful one for more advanced singers.


 - Listen to you to detect your vocal range, and customize the lessons to a comfortable range for your voice type. Be sure to use this feature when you first start; it'll make the notes much easier to sing, and you'll be able to focus on learning.

 - Show you when you sing the right notes and help you sing in tune

 - Teach you correct singing techniques that are widely used around the world

 - Allow you to practice on your own if you’re shy about singing in front of others



 - Show you what parts of your range have problems

 - Increase your range and track your progress

 - Improve the quality of your tone

 - Help smooth vocal breaks

 - Improve your musical ear



 - Provide you with effective warmup/cooldown exercises

 - Keep your voice in top shape with a thorough voice exercise program

 - Improve your sight singing if you follow the music notation instead of the note bubbles

 - (Optional) See the "Ear Training for Singers" package mentioned below



 - Give you great exercises you can use with your students at a fraction of the cost you can get from anywhere else

 - Help your new students see when they're flat or sharp


Erol Singer’s Studio is NOT a karaoke game and as such does not include sing-along songs. It is a fun app that will seriously improve your singing. The app comes with 36 lessons included (covering beginner to advanced), with an option to buy more exercises such as the "Ear Training for Singers" bundle that includes an additional set of 60 exercises for scales, intervals, and arpeggios that will greatly expand your musicianship.


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