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A pocket full of music festivals.

This is exactly what FestiGoGo promises and delivers. Just download FestiGoGo for FREE, and you will soon discover why FestiGoGo is considered to be the most comprehensive music festival iPhone app available. And once you use it, you'll never want to plan to attend a music festival event without it.

The FestiGoGo Home screen displays music festivals that are currently taking place, along with upcoming festivals in 2011. These festivals represent only a fraction of the music festivals that are inside of FestiGoGo. Many more music festivals can be found using the FestiGoGo search feature, and having the ability to search for music festivals by date, location, genre and performer, makes discovering new music festivals a breeze.

Use FestiGoGo to follow live music festivals as they evolve. First festival dates and locations are announced, then the festival line-ups are released, and finally festivals schedules are published. FestiGoGo gives you the information you need as festivals unfold, so that you have plenty of time to decide and make plans to attend the music festivals you want to see. FestiGoGo is the perfect app to help you plan your music festival vacations whether it's in the summer or in the winter.

FestiGoGo FREE Features:

• List of upcoming music festivals right on the Home screen
• Music festival descriptions, dates and times, locations, and performer lineups
• Listen to festival performer music samples through the iTunes Music Store
• Search for music festivals by location, date, genre, or performer
• Create your own Favorite Music Festival list
• A map that displays music festival locations
• Submit festival requests for missing or future festivals

FestiGoGo offers additional festival details that may be purchased within the FestiGoGo app for only $0.99 per festival, so you may purchase only the festivals that interest you. Most, but not all, music festivals in FestiGoGo will become available as in-app purchases as soon as festival schedules are released.

Here's what you get with a Festival in-app purchase:

• Festival performer schedules
• Festival performer biographical details
• A map that displays the locations of festival stages
• A personal and customizable music festival schedule
• Festival access will be valid for the length of the festival and for a short time thereafter.

FestiGoGo Genre Search includes many different types of genres such as rock, country, folk, bluegrass, jazz, Christian, electronic, pop, gospel, indie, blues, Cajun and many many more.

Developed by music festival enthusiasts for music festival enthusiasts, FestiGoGo is unique in its festival-centric design. In other words, FestiGoGo is ALL about music festivals.

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