by Nuno Santos


Publisher's Description

Livkontrol is the most effective and affordable Ableton Live remote controller ever.


- Optimized size, layout and interaction for iPad

- Scrollable view for total scene access

- Launch entire scene rows

- Clip reflects color, name and play status

- Mute, stop, solo and arm tracks

- Control tracks volume and pan in a intuite and space saving format

- Special lock feature

- Song play, stop and metronome control

- Scene launch buttons with scene name 

- Tempo tap, up and down 

- Song record button 

- Play quantization selection 

- Screen lock disabled while running 

- Bidirectional fader support

- Extremely simple connection

- Pitch control (+10%/-10% / Bend up / Bend down)

- Master output level indicator

ATTENTION: In order to use LIVKONTROL with your Ableton Live you need to have a small utility called LKBRIDGE which is available for Windows and Mac OSX.

Ensure that you have version 1.2 of LKBRIDGE downloading it at

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iPad $4.99 None

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