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Founded in 2005 as a social and blog network, MOG has evolved and pivoted several times; the current incarnation of the app has no real editorial content, and is a simple music streaming service (although does include a network of music blogs by pros and amateurs).

The service claims to have 10 million songs, and users can select from a $5 per month desktop only plan, or $10 per month plan that includes mobile use. The free trial period is fourteen days, and users are required to enter credit card information when they sign up to try the service, though MOG is planning a freemium service, as first reported here.

Positives: MOG's app is clean, intuitive, and super easy to use if you know what you want to listen to. Users can search for artists or albums, or skim through new releases, album and single charts, and curated "editor's picks." There are also a number of playlists ranging from a collection of Coachella artists to something called "alternative funkyfresh workout," which proved a great match for the treadmill.

Negatives: Searching for a more obscure band (Bikini Kill) as well as a huge superstar (Lady Gaga) in the radio function resulted in a small collection of songs by that artist, but not some of the related artists one would expect. Gaga radio, for example, doesn't include any Madonna tracks (sometimes it does; see the update below). The number of playlists offered in the app is pretty small, which doesn't help its allure as a music discovery platform.

Who it's great for: People who want to listen to all those albums they're curious about or just feel like you "should" hear, will love MOG. If you want a risk-free way to see what the new Britney Spears record sounds like, an overview of the top hits, or to do some exploring on your own based on what you see online, MOG's great.

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Update: MOG CEO David Hyman responded to this review (slightly edited here).

"The writer complained that Lady Gaga radio did not bring up Madonna. Well, that's radio!  You don't always get the same results, but on my first try this morning, I did get Madonna on Lady Gaga radio. One could argue this is a feature.

There was no mention of our Chrome app/HTML5 player. Did the writer try this new player? [ed. note: we were focusing on the app in particular, which is why those web features were not a part of the review.]

Also, the writer mentioned a lack of editorial. We have a few hundred thousand blog posts integrated, all AMG reviews, and in-house editorial team that actually does in house editors picks every day. We've written hundreds of reviews in house. It was strange to receive this criticism when we're the only service that does this much editorial [again, this review focused on the app, not the website, where MOG has plenty of editorial as mentioned above].

Also, writer criticized the lack of playlists. We have an insane amount of playlists available created by subscribers. There is a dedicated playlist tab in the primary navigation to browse and search user playlists. There are thousands of playlists available created by users [again, our reviewer was examining the mobile app, which doesn't include all of those playlists]."

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2010 BEST MUSIC STREAMING APP — Music App Awards

Top 50 Apps of 2011 -

For everything you do, there’s a song that hits the spot. Get them all at MOG.

As a MOG subscriber, you’ll enjoy UNLIMITED MOBILE DOWNLOADS, and stream OVER 10 MILLION SONGS ON DEMAND to your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, Roku and GoogleTV. Plus enjoy a revolutionary new radio that reveals Pandora’s huge limitations. Perfect your music-listening experience: TRY MOG FREE FOR 7 DAYS!

For under $10 a month, MOG subscribers get:

• Unlimited downloads to your iPhone and iPod Touch, or as many as your device can handle. Download songs, playlists or full albums.*

• Unlimited music on demand from an extensive catalog of over 10 million songs.

• Highest quality audio, at 320 kbps—better than any other music service.

• Best-in-class, truly personal radio, with amazing music discovery modes that don’t exist anywhere else (powered by MOG Mobius™).

• Unlimited access to our web-based player from any computer.

• Unlimited access on your TV (Roku and GoogleTV).

• Automatic sync between your web and mobile settings and playlists.

• Playlists created by your favorite artists, plus featured playlists curated by our expert editors and fellow Moggers!

• AirPlay support

All the music you love, with you everywhere you go...

Sign up now for under $10 a month, or TRY IT FREE FOR 7 DAYS.

* After your initial stream and download with an Internet connection, you can play your music everywhere you go.

** Requires iOS 3.0 or higher.


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iPhone $0.00 $10.00
MOG is free so long as your music meter is full. After that, it costs five dollars per month to use on a computer, or ten dollars per month on smartphones and other devices. The mobile version has a seven-day free trial though.
Android $0.00 $10.00
Google Chrome $0.00 $5.00
MOG is free so long as your music meter is full. After that, it costs five dollars per month to use on a computer, or ten dollars per month on smartphones and other devices.
Mac $0.00 $5.00
Facebook $0.00 $5.00
iPad $0.00 $10.00
Windows $0.00 $5.00

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