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Your friends’ music in your hands. 

Ever wonder what kind of music your friends are in to? MusicBunk lets you discover all the music and playlists your friends are listening to.

Who is your Music Match? MusicBunk lets find out who likes the same music you do and match-up with them to share songs and playlists. 

MusicBunk also lets you post comments and reviews on friends’ playlists and share your insights about artists. 

MusicBunk is a powerful Social Music Player:

- Check out songs & playlists that your friends have.

- Listen to songs that your friends have even though you don't have them.

- Find out how many songs you and your friends have in common.

- See what kind of songs your friends recently added.

- Share comments about songs with friends.

- Post your comments via Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

- Find your friends easily from your contacts and Facebook(optional)

- Meet new people who have similar taste in music.

- Available to sign up with your Facebook ID

- Do all this while listening to your music.

We will be updating MusicBunk often. There are more great features and more great music to come! Try it out and let us know what you think.

Download MusicBunk and start Socializing Your Playlists today. 

MusicBunk puts your friends music in your hands.


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