MusicFirst: Oncology


by Coro Health


Publisher's Description

Supporting over 100,000 people per day, Music Therapy: Oncology offers a suite of clinically proven, personalized music therapy programs designed to support individuals being treated for cancer. 

Music can be a very important healing tool for the body and mind during any type of medical treatment. Our team of music therapists, designers and neuroscientists created Music Therapy: Oncology specifically to assist with issues that those being treated for cancer may incur. 

Our library of therapeutic music consists of curated music programs designed to stimulate the relaxation response and support the immune system, increase oxygen levels and lower pulse rates. Side effects of cancer treatment related to radiation, chemotherapy and surgery can add to an individual's levels of pain, anxiety, depression and nausea and can impact an individual's healing process. 

MusicFirst has been clinically proven (and published) to assist with known side effects related to receiving cancer treatments and supporting the immune system. 

The first hour hour is on us! After that hour you may subscribe for only $2.99 a month and receive unlimited listening. The subscription is auto-renewable and you may cancel at any time. We update our music libraries monthly.


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