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Pound. Compare. Discover. Take your music collection to the next level. With you and a friend using MusicPound, you get an instant comparison of your music libraries that might surprise you both.

  • See how similar –or different – your musical tastes are, discover new music that you actually like, and see just how you rate as a music mogul.
  • View your top matching songs and artists
  • See your Music Compatibility rating - are you musical strangers or separated at birth?
  • See what songs your friend has by your favorite band that you don't have yet
  • Get those songs immediately (from iTunes) or add them to a Wishlist for later purchase
  • View each others: Favorite song * Favorite artist * Favorite genre
  • And instantly see: Top 10 Artists * Top 100 Songs * Most Recent Plays * Song Lyrics
  • Your Musical Score ranks the brilliance of your own library;
  • Are you a Groupie or a Mogul? A DJ or did you make it to the hall of fame?
  • How many genres of music do you listen to?
  • What’s your personality? MusicPound translates it from the “DNA” of your music library
  • View your own: Top played artists * Top underground songs * Most skipped songs
  • Average release year of your library and interesting trivia for that year MusicPound does all the work – you just install it and tell it who you want to compare music with.

And because it uses Bluetooth to transfer comparison results, MusicPound doesn’t use any of your plan’s talk or data time. Try it for free! MusicPound is a free download that allows you to perform 3 comparisons. You can then opt for an “in-app” upgrade to get unlimited use of MusicPound for just $1.99.

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