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MusiCue is a music player designed for dancers. The aim is to speed up the process of learning choreography and remove the focus from the iPod or iPhone while dancing. Basically, it’s an automatic looper designed for choreography that lets you slow down music as well.


When learning or teaching choreography the act of rewinding, finding the spot where the choreography begins and playing is constantly repeated. With MusiCue you do it once, and then you can just press play and let it loop. You can save up to five different loops for each song, for practicing different parts of the choreography. Everything is saved for each song, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything, when changing songs. 


A big problem when learning choreography is that the steps are often too fast to begin with, so you want to practice without music because the music is simply too fast. MusiCue can slow down the music (without making it sound like a drunken whale party) and enable you to connect to the music even while working at down to 10% of the normal speed. This is also an incredible tool for inventing new choreographies.


MusiCue is a simple music player that makes a world of difference for dancers. 



Integrates seamlessly with iTunes library

Five loop slots for each song

Speed control from 10% to 200%

Loop control from forward/rewind buttons found on docks

Lock screen control of playback and loops


PS. While working on MusiCue I found that classical musicians have found it very valuable for practicing hard pieces. Even though I didn’t make it for musicians I’m really happy to know that they benefit from it as well.

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