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Publisher's Description is a real-time social media experience combining music and video discovery in a fun and interactive online environment, complete with dancing avatars to match people’s personalities.

The app makes it easier than ever to create parties with your friends and peers around the globe. Choose from a wide array of cute characters, join any number of virtual rooms where you can discover and share music and videos, and communicate with international party-goers using our real-time chat translation.

Musicians and DJs alike will find great value in having a platform in which they can engage with and attract fans from around the world in real-time. is working with up-and-coming artists to premier their new videos or mixes to fans and get instant feedback.

What Makes Us Different

While we’re not the only real-time social media app out there, we strive to be the best by providing the following:

International Accessibility brings the party to people all around the world, in any country where YouTube and SoundCloud are supported.

Video And Audio merges video and audio enjoyment into one entertaining experience. It's not just about music. With video in the mix, you have access to live event streams, comedy sketches, movies, educational videos and an endless supply of lolcat videos.

Robust Media ManagementCreate and manage multiple playlists easily with multi-select, drag-and-drop, search suggestions, media previewing, importing from third-party sites, and more!

Level Up

On, you earn points for participating in the party with activities like voting for what's playing, getting positive votes when people like what you play, and when people add what you're playing to their own collection.

Dancing Avatars

Express your personality by choosing from a variety of unique avatars each with their own dance moves. Earn more points to unlock new avatars, dances, and special abilities like strobe lights and laser shows!

Easy Moderation Tools

Manage your party with our easy to use and robust moderation tools. Lock the booth, set the max number of plays per DJ, add and remove DJs from the booth, manage the waitlist, kick or ban troublemakers, and grant moderation to other people you trust to help keep your party running smoothly.

Multilingual Chat

With, language barriers are a thing of the past. Talk to people from around the world with our real-time chat translation and expand your party globally.

Public API

Build custom extensions of with our public API. Customize the experience for yourself and the community.

Around-The-Clock Team Involvement

We love hearing your feedback and are on the site regularly. On the off chance we’re not partying with you, we're just a post, tweet or email away!

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