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Wouldn't it be great if your workout music would not just play inside your head, but rather be a part of your environment? Now this is possible!


RunningMusic lets you experience music in a completely new way while jogging, cycling, running on a treadmill, etc. RunningMusic plays content from the music library of your iPod touch or iPhone as if your were running in between loudspeakers placed in your environment.


This stunning experience is possible due to our cutting edge BR2™ binaural rendering algorithm which realistically simulates acoustic environments. For more information about BR2™ please visit our website.


RunningMusic works with any kind of headphones and in particular, good results can be obtained with the standard iPod / iPhone earbuds. 



DO NOT USE this app in any situation where a lack of attention may have serious consequences.

In particular:

DO NOT USE this app in traffic (even as a pedestrian).

DO NOT USE this app while driving a motor vehicle or while operating machinery.


The reason for the above warning is the following. As binaural audio rendering is designed to give you the impression that the sounds you hear come from your environment and not out of the headphones you are wearing, you may not be aware how much the actual environment sounds are attenuated by your headphones. You may try this by using RunningMusic and greeting someone in the street. If the person greets you back, you will probably be astonished by how hard it is to understand what the person said (which is also depending on the music level, of course). Therefore, please be careful and DO NOT use this app wherever it may be important that you hear the sounds that come from your environment!

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