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*** For a limited time Seedio is available for free! After that period expired a free receive only version will be available to complement the full version of Seedio ***

Together we are loud!

Enjoy music together: Seedio connects multiple iOS devices to create one perfectly synchronized loudspeaker. Play songs from your Music Library and from YouTube (more sources to be added in the future). Broadcast (seed) music to other iOS devices over Wi-Fi for perfectly synced group playback. Pump up the volume by adding more iOS devices.

Connect iOS devices to active loudspeakers for the ad hoc outdoor party and leave heavy equipment at home. All you need is a couple of iOS devices running Seedio and a Wireless Network - a Personal Hotspot set up on one iOS device is fine!

Use Seedio as a wireless headphone splitter to broadcast and share audio to a group of colocated listeners in quiet environments - playback is simultaneous and synchronized on all devices.

Use your old unused iOS devices at home to receive your music in your kitchen, bathroom and/or garden.

General App Features:
- Create playlists and play songs from your Music Library and from YouTube
- Add songs or complete playlists from your Music Library or YouTube
- Broadcast (seed) songs to other iOS devices running Seedio
- Play music seeded by other Seedio users, perfectly in sync
- Rearrange your playlist on the fly
- Automatic history of seeded songs
- Mute playback without interrupting seeding
- Show all available seeders on the network
- Search and buy seeded tracks on iTunes
- View seeded YouTube videos right from the history
- Share activity on Facebook and Twitter (Sharing will not work on the Seeder. Sorry for that, a fix is on the way.)

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