Silver Ears


by Dany Joumaa


Publisher's Description

Silver Ears is a simple feedback trainer developed for live sound engineers. With a 30-band graphic EQ, Silver Ears can help you hone your frequency recognition skills and boost your confidence working with rack-mount graphic equalizers.

Silver Ears is designed to recreate the experience of working with a real rack-mount on stage: simply tap a slider corresponding to the nearest frequency to eliminate it. Tap the settings button to flip over the unit and adjust various settings, including feedback attack/release, volume, randomization parameters, and more.

With daily practice and dedication, anyone can develop the ability to quickly eliminate microphone feedback while keeping audio free of equalization artifacts.


- Mobile feedback training
- 30-band graphical EQ interface
- Feedback volume control
- Configurable attack and release times
- Feedback frequency range selection (20Hz to 16000Hz)
- Testing of nonstandard frequencies and ISO preferred frequencies
- Weighting of mid-frequency testing

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