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You can now take a picture of sheet music and play it back on your android device.

The optical music recognition algorithm I wrote will do a decent job for lots of sheet music. I designed it for taking pictures of sheet music on paper...though it works surprisingly well if you take a picture of music off a computer screen. It works best if the lighting is good, but I have had a lot of success at night with the flash too. It currently does not try to parse rests, grace notes, and triplets. You may also find that sometimes it interprets a non-note glyph as a note. All in all it does really well. It can be a great tool to help you learn music.

It can also tolerate mild slants and curves if you can't take a straight photo.

I plan to keep working on this for years to come making it better and more useful. I am already working on editing/deleting/adding notes and making the UI better.

I recommend that you try the demo version before purchasing this app. If it works then buy it. If not email me and I'll figure it out.

This project is a good step forward for smartphones.


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