TriviaTunes - Name That Tune


by Chugulu Inc.


Publisher's Description

Play “Name That Tune” with the largest collection of music anywhere. With TriviaTunes, all of the hits and genres are available so you can put your music skills to the test! It works great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad alike! (Internet connection required) • The most extensive music library for a music trivia app anywhere. It’s the first ever music quiz game to have songs streamed from servers at TriviaTunes instead of using your iPod library. That way, all players can play on equal footing. • Free Songs Included We’ve chosen the best of the best songs so you can dive right in when you download; Great For Parties Play with up to 4 friends in a winner-take-all ‘Name That Tune’ challenge. • Chugulu Games updates TriviaTunes regularly with new volumes of music, and 100-song playlists from your favorite artists are available for only $1.99! That’s less than 2 cents per song. • Multiple Game Modes, including: a "Buzzer" mode where the first to buzz with the correct answer wins; a "MCQ" mode where multiple choice answers are proposed and as the time runs out the wrong answers disappear for a lower score; an "Expert" mode for experienced players, who enter answers using the keyboard Players can compete with friends and others on a global leaderboard on Open Feint and Game Center. Challenge your music know-how with the most extensive ‘Name That Tune’ library anywhere. Only on TriviaTunes.

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