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Publisher's Description

Turn your iTunes songs into a colorful rhythm game, blasting your way through 3 difficulty levels

The game supports 6000+ different tracks, with more being added on a weekly basis. (a full list of supported songs appear inside the app)

Track include the latest hits, chart leaders, classics and personal favorites! True Freedom to Play brought to your finger tips.

TubeHero, the mega-hit Facebook game, is now available on the iPhone, letting you play many iTunes song on your device in a colorful, frantic and eye-catching music game

Main Features
- Thousands of tracks.
- Eye Catching graphics
- 3 Difficulty levels
- Facebook Connect, making sure the whole world knows about your scores
- Multiplier bonuses increase your scoring as you play
- Health Meter showing your performance ratio
- Full fledged iTunes catalog, listing all supported songs and enabling instant purchase of the original track
- Retina Display Support
- Tap notes, smudge tails, multi-touch your way through numerous tracks in scaling difficulty

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Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
App is free but comes with limited content. Upgrade to full version for $1.99.
Facebook $0.00 None

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