Vibrating Metronome


by SynthDrums


Publisher's Description

Our Vibrating Metronome silently pulses the rythms into your skin free your ears Used in Studios Across The Country Find out what is taking recording studios across the country by storm. Our Vibrating Metronome is a much needed tool for recording artists or anybody that is tired of hearing the damn click. Using vibration our metronome puts your body into the groove of the music, it's like somebody poking you to the rhythm, which frees your ears to concentrate on more pressing matters like your tone. *Turn it on and keep it in your shirt pocket for best vibration response, although any sensitive spot on your body will work. Try placing between your folded legs or under your thigh, Each person is different, experiment. *Currently Tested and working perfectly on ALL android devices running above 1.6 OS. * Although this is a 'Lite" version there is no annoying lag screen. Use as is for as long as you like, but upgrade to receive a no ads version with an option to change time signatures.

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