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Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift
If you're a fan of Taylor Swift, you'll love this app, and be blown away by everything you can do with it. The app comes with the original version of "Love Story" and "You Belong with Me," plus ...

This and other music apps were used by Damon Albarn to record the Gorillaz record "The Fall."

History of Jazz - An Interactive Timeline

The History of Jazz was designed and built from the ground up for the iPad. When you use the app, it's clear how much more immersive and fun this is over a regular book. An absolute delight for beginners ...

Inception - The App

Welcome to "augmented sound," an interactive soundscape combining pre-existing musical samples, artificial intelligence, and whatever it can pick up from your smartphone's microphone. The result: an entirely new piece of music that's yours, and yours alone. Hans Zimmer ...

Rj Voyager


First flight to a new world of sound departing at gate RjDj. The Rj Voyager makes you a DJ from the future. An ...


BMP is an interactive music service where you can build personal and thematic playlists, using our catalogs of 10+ million songs, recommend your playlists to your friends and other users, and earn credits to get more music and other goods ...

The National Mall

(Note: This app is intended to be used within the boundaries of the National Mall park in Washington DC.)

Bluebrain's The National Mall is the first in a series of “location-aware” musical compositions designed to be heard at specific ...


Crowdsourced playlists offer a unique opportunity for unexpected music discovery, which is one of the things that we like about apps like Turntable.fm and its various clones. The crowd can also help you discover more about the music you ...

Sound Fields: Winter

Do you have a good ear for music? Can you play a musical instrument?

It is not important anymore, because with this tool anybody can play great music without any skills.

It is easy. Just select some background track and ...

Pandora Radio

If you have any familiarity with interactive radio, you probably already know Pandora Radio, which counts every tenth person in the United States as an active user. The California-based service, created by The Music Genome Project, has cemented its place ...

Gravilocity - Particle Playground and Visualizer

Play with thousands of flying stars. Watch as stars respond to your fingers, while you pull, push and spin them. Watch as they fall and bounce in response to gravity and the accelerometer. Even make them pulse to a musical ...



Thicket:SONiC is an audiovisual art piece, toy, and instrument. Thicket:SONiC transforms simple gestures on the screen it inhabits in to mesmerizing visual patterns and kaleidoscopic sound. Commissioned by New York City’s SONiC—Sounds of a New Century ...

Falling Stars by Trident Vitality Gum


Create a world of music in seconds with Falling Stars from Trident Vitality. Then enjoy, share and expand your world whenever you want to.

Faling Stars has been featured in New and Noteworthy, What's Hot and Staff Picks. It ...


Remixer is a music player like no other. Remix, loop and re-arrange your favorite music live while it plays without ever breaking the beat.

Advanced audio analysis splits your music into loop-able segments that can be re-arranged at will, live ...


Pixound iPhone App allows you to "play" pictures in any scale and key by moving your finger(s) over the image.

Musicians who have tried Pixound and loved it:

  • Herbie Hancock (2008 Grammy Winner)
  • David Byrne (Talking Heads)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh ...


Sensecast brings reach-out-and-grab-you interaction and privacy-minded analytics to any physical space using Kinect-like sensors. Our platform not only delivers more engaging digital signage, exhibits and kiosks, it makes them measurable.

*Currently, Sensecast is in pre-Beta stage


*** The best way to celebrate the Holidays like in Puerto Rico! ***

Puerto Ricans are notorious throughout the world for knowing how to truly celebrate and throw a great party. Now you can be the life of ANY party with Parranda ...

Parranda Cuatro

*** Celebrate the Holidays with the best companion app to Parranda! ***

Discover the sounds of the traditional Cuatro Puertorriqueño with Parranda Cuatro. While the original Parranda application delivered on authentic rhythmic Puerto Rican fun - Parranda Cuatro runs away with the ...

Leaf Trombone: World Stage

“Forget console-quality 3D games, massively multiplayer connected titles... It's all about leaf trombones." - Pocket Gamer

"The World Stage will separate the Music Gods from the Wannabes" - GameZone.com

"Leaf Trombone will blow you away. 10/10!" - AppCraver

Compete ...

Magic Guitar

PLAY a note. SHAKE your phone. FEEL the magic as the music responds to your slightest movement.

Your iPhone is now a whole new magical instrument. Just cradle your phone in the palm of your hand like a guitar neck ...

MadPad - Remix Your Life

Remix your life with MadPad! Turn everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument. Who would have thought everyday life could be so musical?

"It's very cool stuff ...

Romplr: Remix


Thicket combines beautiful visuals with party beats to create the ultimate music interactive experience. Tap, slide, twist, or use two fingers, you change the beats and rhythm of the song by touch. Similar to Gliss, an app that lets you ...


As smartphones proliferate, artists have to compete for an audience’s attention. Instead of distracting from live music performances, what if technology could make the fans part of the show? Introducing Amp'd, The Audience Relationship Solution. Amp'd involves ...


Colorful bits gravitate to each other creating ambient sound as they orbit around and collide.

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