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Sick of Spotify radio that has no relevance to your tastes? Simply open Spotify and enter an artist in the box below to hear a radio station that you'll love. Love or hate songs to make your station more ...

Pandoras Helper

Pandora's Helper works by matching the currently playing song in the Pandora Desktop application with one from your iTunes library. If it finds a match, it will automatically increment the play count and update the "Last Played" date of ...

Bipolar Radio

Bipolar Radio is an Internet Radio web application (similar to Pandora), with a special feature. When you absolutely need to hear an upbeat song, just click on the yellow happy face, and a high energy song by the current artist ...

MusicTandem - Personalized Music Channels


PandIn - Pandora® Plugin

Create a station in Pandora® from tagged music (Shazam/SoundHound/etc...)

Please read the instructions, watch the video or feel free to email me for help.

Not affiliated with Pandora®

Requires Pandora® Android App

Want to create a Pandora® station ...

Musicality - Last.fm, Grooveshark and more

Musicality makes online music services like Pandora, Last.fm, and Grooveshark just as easy and powerful as iTunes. If you love music, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

• Take control with the media keys, keyboard shortcuts, and ...

Muse - Pandora Radio Player

Pandora Radio…better. Muse makes Pandora Radio as easy as iTunes with keyboard shortcuts, AirPlay, song notifications, and more


• Take control with the media keys, keyboard shortcuts, and the Apple remote

• Stream to AirPort Express, Apple TV, or any AirPlay-enabled ...


Piki is radio powered by your friends and musical soulmates. Pick your favorite tracks and create a profile showing off your awesome taste in music. Follow your friends and get a phenomenal radio stream of their best tracks. 

♫ Unlimited radio ...

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